Terms & Conditions:  
1) All orders are FOB Milpitas, California, USA unless otherwise noted on Quote. For deliveries outside USA, Customer is responsible for all Duties and Customs unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
2) All prices are quoted in US Dollars.
3) Taxes and shipping charges are extra as applicable.
4) Quotations are only valid for 20 days unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by Symprotek.
5) Payment terms are Net 20 unless otherwise agreed upon and will be noted on Quote.
6) Prices shown on Quote are based on information provided by Customer Bill of Material files and associated instructional documents at time of quotation/order. Any changes requested to PCB manufacture or assembly processes after placing order, or should any new details that emerge in a pending PO, may result in additional charges.
7) Lead-Time noted on Quote is calculated using business days. Weekends and business holidays are excluded in any lead-time calculations. Additional turn days may be added to orders that are placed "On Hold," waiting for Customer response for resolution of missing information or discrepancies.
PCB Assembly & Components:
1) Pricing is based on RFQ Data provided by Customer at time of quote and is subject to change if data has changed at the time of order.
2) Symprotek does not perform a full DFM analysis nor identify all the issues at the time of quoting.
3) For turnkey quotes, the availability of components can vary daily and Symprotek does not guarantee that all the components will be readily available at the time of order without any lead-time issues.
4) Pricing is based on one scheduled shipment of completed assemblies. Multiple release requests may result in additional charges.
5) If Customer places Order on hold for more than 20 days, Symprotek reserves the right to invoice customer for all PCBs fabricated and any components purchased for order.
1) Payments for all invoices will be as per terms noted in Symprotek Terms & Conditions.
2) Customer shall not withhold payment against invoices already raised for any reason whatsoever, such as unsatisfactory workmanship, pending rework, non-functioning boards, or for any other reasons as noted in Warranty and Liability Section.
3) First orders from new Customers must be pre-paid. 
4) If payment for Order is a credit card transaction, then by providing a credit card number, Customer is authorizing us to charge the card as per Symprotek policies.
5) Applications for credit terms are subject to Symprotek’s approval and will be considered based on evaluation of Customer credit application.
1) Symprotek’s acceptance of Order is based on whether Order is pre-paid or the Customer account is in good standing.
Component shortages:
a) Consigned parts shortage: If Customer has asked Symprotek to proceed with the assembly phase, and if customer does not provide the parts within 3 days of starting the Order, Symprotek will then complete all assemblies with whatever components were consigned to Symprotek.  All assemblies (including shortage assemblies) will be shipped and invoiced as per order, and the Order will be considered completed.  Subsequently, if Customer ships the shortage assemblies with the shortage parts to Symprotek for rework, such rework assembly would be performed at no charge or at a suitable rework charge to be agreed upon by Symprotek and Customer. 
b) Turnkey parts shortage: As it is known that some parts cannot be quickly procured due to unavailability, lead-times, or other reasons, and Customer specifically instructs Symprotek to begin the manufacturing process, such assemblies (including shortage assemblies) will be shipped and invoiced as per order, and Order will be considered complete.  When Symprotek receives ordered long lead-time components, Customer may elect to take procession of those parts, with no additional rework involved, or Customer may send the shortage assemblies back to Symprotek for completion of rework.  In the case of the latter, rework & re-shipment charges will apply. 
3) It is Customer responsibility to provide complete and correct assembly data, BOM in Excel spreadsheet, Assembly Gerbers, assembly drawings, special instructions if any, and XY pick &place data for SMT parts. Additional charges may apply if Customer is unable to provide correct XY data.
4) Assembly lead-time will start when the kit is complete and all assembly data related issues are resolved.
5) Symprotek may make partial shipments for Customer order and order will be considered shipped on-time if at least 90% of assemblies are shipped by the due date.
6) Orders may be considered complete, if the quantity shipped is within +/- 5% of the original quantity.
1) Customer is liable for the cost of parts that have been purchased and/or expenses that have been incurred prior to cancelling an order, the result of cancelling the order, and/or procured parts that cannot be cancelled prior to delivery to Symprotek.
Order Cancellation Charges.
a) Assembly Labor cancellation charges after order has been released will be determined by the percentage of labor performed before the cancellation date, with a minimum of $450. 
b) Turn-key component cancellation charges after order has been released requires Customer to pay 100% of components costs for components purchased by Symprotek prior to cancellation date, which includes any shipping, kit-auditing and handling costs that are applicable, in addition to any non-cancellable components. All such components will be sent to Customer.
Warranty and Liability
1) Symprotek warrants each assembly for workmanship up to 90 days after shipment. In case of any unsatisfactory assembly workmanship, Symprotek, at our sole discretion, will repair the assembly free of charge or credit the quoted cost of the assembly labor.
2) Any modifications done by the customer to the assemblies after receiving will nullify Symprotek warranties.
3) Symprotek Corporation is not responsible for any damage or lack of functionality caused by defective design, components, or PCBs provided by Customer, or as a result of deficiencies in the electronic materials provided by Customer.
4) Symprotek is not liable for rework, repair or replacement for any faulty components supplied by Customer or purchased by Symprotek from vendors in accordance with Customer supplied BOMs.
5) Symprotek is not responsible or liable for assembled boards found non-functioning during testing by Customer.
6) Symprotek is only responsible for assembly workmanship performed as per Customer supplied data.
7) In no case shall Symprotek’s liability exceed the price charged to Customer for the services performed by Symprotek
8) Symprotek is not liable for any assemblies beyond 90 days after shipment.
9) Symprotek gives no other warranty; either expressed or implied, and specifically disclaims all other warranties, including warranties for merchantability and fitness.
Customer Parts Kit Requirements
1) All components must be packaged in reels, continuous tape, tubes, or trays.  No bulk parts except Hardware items.
Kit quantities must equal BOM quantities plus the percentage of extra parts listed below.
Discrete SMT passives:
i) 1005 &0201 size: 10% extra
ii) All other chip size: 5% extra
Active Devices:
i) For order quantity 1-9: 1 extra part
ii) For order quantity 10+: 1 extra part or 2% of order quantity
3) Insufficient parts quantities will be considered as parts shortage.
4) All consigned parts must be shipped in a properly kitted form, identifying assembly number and line item of BOM.
5) Please include Customer company name and Order Number, and send kit to: 
Symprotek Corporation: 950 Yosemite Drive, Milpitas, CA  95035