Assembly Description This is the description of the PCB Assembly.
Assembly Number This is a number associated with internal part number scheme to identify the PCB assembly.  You can leave it blank if not known or can use it however you want to identify the assembly.
Assembly Type Does your assembly have Surface Mount components in one side or both sides of the PCB?   If SMD parts are mounted on one side, IPC (Institute for Printed Circuits) considers as a Type 1 assembly.  If SMD devices are attached to both sides of the board, it is considered as a Type 2 assembly.
Consignment Kitting Guidelines A. Attrition
  Build Quantity up to 10 Builds quantity 11 to 100
Type of Components Prototype: Manual & Machine Production: Machine
Discrete SMT Passives 5% overage or 3 pieces, whichever is greater 3% overage or 10 pieces, whichever is greater
0201size or smaller 10% overage or 10 pieces, whichever is greater 5% overage or 50 pieces, whichever is greater
Active SMT Minimum of 1 extra Minimum of 2 extra
Discrete Through Hole Minimum of 2 extra Minimum of 5 extra
Active Through Hole Minimum of 1 extra Minimum of 2 extra
Hardware Minimum of 1 extra Minimum of 2 extra
B. Kitting Guideline

1.     All consigned parts must be shipped in a properly kitted form, identifying assembly number and line item of BOM.
2.     All components must be packaged in reels, a continuous tape, tubes, or trays. 
3.     SMT ICs are preferably supplied on tape, or in JEDEC trays, or tubes with proper moisture indicator and ESD protection.
4.     All SMT components must be in continuous tapes with a minimum of 2 inches of leader tape.
5.     Components should never ship loose in a bag. No bulk parts except Hardware items.
6.     All DIP Through Hole ICs must be supplied in an ESD protected tube.
7.     Insufficient attrition would create possible shortage situation that may take a longer turn around time.  Insufficient parts quantities will be considered as parts shortage.
8.     Multiple orders should be separately kitted with an appropriate identification.
9.     Please include Customer company name and Order Number, and send the kit to: 
        Symprotek Corporation: 950 Yosemite Drive, Milpitas, CA  95035
Consignment Order A consignment order is where the customer provides all the materials needed to assemble the boards.
For a consignment order, the customer should review the Consignment Kitting Guidelines for material kitting.
Manufacturer Part Number A manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN) is an identifier with a series of numbers and letters given to a component by its manufacturer.  PCBA Quick Quote needs MPN to know match component’s Package Type.  An MPN is not internal part numbers used by a company.  Do not match MPN with company’s internal part numbers.
Package Type An electronic component usually comes in well-defined physical dimensions and standardized packages.  The PCBA Quick Quote utilizes this information to estimate labor quotes.  Attention should be paid to “thermally enhanced package (TEP)” and “bottom terminated components (BTC)”.  Both of these package types needs tight manufacturing process control to yield expected reliability.
Pin Count
The Pin Count of a component refers to the number of solder joints the component.

Quantities to Quote The online PCB Assembly labor quote is limited to the quantity of 100.  The PCBA Quick Quote labor quotes are based mainly on the component’s package type that inherently has a room for incomplete information.  However, we are confident in our estimate that we will guarantee a quoted price to a quantity of 100. Any quantity higher than 100 are provided as budgetary figures for production runs up to 5,000.
Revision This field is used to track changes made in the assembly.
RoHS Short for Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment that was adopted in Feb. 2003 by the European Union and went into effect in the EU and the UK in 2006.  The directive aims to restrict certain hazardous materials used in the electronics such as lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), to list a few.
Terms: Consignment Order Consignment orders will be charged at the time of shipping.
Terms: Turnkey Orders Material cost will be charged at the time of order and the assembly cost will be charged at the time of shipping.
Turnaround Time Turnaround time is the amount of time in working days to fulfill an order.  
For a consignment order where the customer provides all the materials, the turnaround time is to assemble the PCBA.
For turnkey order, this includes both times to acquire materials (Components and PCB fabs) and time to assemble them.

Turnkey Order The turnkey quote is based on the combination of turnaround time for material acquisition and time to assemble.
We will provide you the most economical turnkey quotes within your desired turnaround time.
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